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The governor of East Darfur pays tribute to the administration of the service in the state

Monitor: Conqueror Adam.
The Governor of East Darfur, Anas Omar, hailed the great role played by the Director of State Service Affairs in adhering to the presidential decisions and not exceeding the regulations according to the letter of praise sent by the governor to manage the service affairs. He said in a letter of praise that the administration did not exceed the laws and regulations in the appointment, .

The acting governor of East Darfur meets the representative of the US aid envoy in southern Sudan.

The governor of East Darfur, acting on behalf of the US Ambassador to the United States, Mark Zumer, met on Wednesday with the Representative of US Aid Envoy Mark Zumer. The meeting discussed the humanitarian, political and economic situation in the Wilayat. The Governor said that the state is witnessing great security stability thanks to the presidential decisions to collect weapons. The US embassy in lifting economic sanctions on the Sudan and expressed hope for the stability of the neighboring state of South Sudan, calling for the hosting of the state of 120 thousand refugees from the southern state besides providing services possible called Lee Zaman, the US aid envoy, said that his visit to the state came to look at the overall humanitarian situation of refugees and displaced people in addition to supporting poor communities. Zumer promised to support the state government in the areas of water, health and education. Sudan

Ibrahim Ali Hamid accredited to the presidency

The Governor of East Darfur, Anas Omar Mohamed, issued a decree appointing Professor Ibrahim Ali Hamid as President of the State. The decision, which was based on the Constitution of the East Darfur Transitional State for 2013, was issued in accordance with the provisions of Article (28) Concerned with the implementation of