Darfur Conference: On the role of the media in addressing issues

Al-Fasher: Muhammad Suleiman


The Governor of the Darfur region, Moni Arko Minawi, confirmed in the family park Al Areen, that the Darfur conference, on the role of media issues, which will be held in the coming weeks, aims to shed light on how the media deals with issues in the region and to know the role of social media in addressing these issues. Issues with the participation of journalists and media professionals in addition to researchers. And (ARCO), in an interview with a group of journalists (Saturday), that the conference that discusses the development of media work to communicate its vision with messages of peace and dissemination of the implementation of the provisions of the Juba Peace Agreement for peace, as well as reaching a common understanding in the standards of moderation thought and studying the obstacles of the media in human advancement Intellectually and politically and addressing issues of imbalance in the flow of media at the regional and international levels. (Minawi) said that the conference comes in conjunction with what the country is witnessing of a growing role in the influence of the media on trends in contemporary issues.