The First Vice President of the Sovereignty Council discusses with the delegation of freedom and change issues of development, security and peace in East Darfur

Khartoum 8/31-2021AD


The First Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, met today, the delegation of the Coordination of the Forces of Freedom and Change in East Darfur. The meeting discussed security issues and development and peace projects in the state. A member of the coordination delegation, Mustafa Mohamed Bakht, said that during the meeting, the delegation dealt with a number of important issues, in the wake of the stability and peaceful and social coexistence witnessed in East Darfur. He added that the delegation assured the First Deputy of the appreciation of the Forces of Freedom and Change in East Darfur for the great efforts he and the Rapid Support Forces are making to secure and protect Sudan and Darfur in particular, and pointed out that the meeting dealt with supporting development projects in the state, especially in the fields of education and university housing for students of El Daein University. and stacked… [11:33 PM, 08/31/2021] Health Ahmed Zain: The Department of Health Promotion in East Darfur organizes an enlightenment for community organizations in preparation for the second round of vaccination campaign against Corona disease Al Daein Ahmed Al Zain Abu Yamamah The Health Promotion Department of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, East Darfur State, organized today in the health sector hall an enlightening session targeting community organizations represented by the Voluntary Action Network Organization Shamaa to enlighten them about the vaccination campaign against Corona, the second round For her part, the Director of the Department of Health Promotion, Professor Khadija Muhammad Ahmed Ali, highlighted the importance of the role of community organizations in enlightening the community with the correct scientific information about the vaccines used during the second round, preparing the target groups and urging them to receive immunization services, which will start on the fifth of September of the year 2021 AD with the dose of Astrazina Second, Johnson & Johnson. Through enlightenment, Khadija appealed to the participants in the enlightenment session to the need to use the official and community media to communicate health messages and to pay attention to defeating rumors, dealing with them and refuting them, and clarifying the facts, explaining Muhammad Ahmed the role of large community organizations in contributing and influencing society and convincing them of the safety of the vaccine and the importance of taking the dose against Corona disease .