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The acting governor of East Darfur inaugurates a humanitarian aid convoy for Bahr Al Arab locality

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     The acting Wali of East Darfur, Kamal El-Din Abdullah, inaugurated a convoy of humanitarian aid heading to Bahr Al-Arab locality to provide relief to those affected by the torrential rains. Al-Wali explained that the state government had formed a supreme committee for autumn emergencies in coordination with the security services, the Zakat Bureau and the Ministry of Health to provide all the needs of citizens affected by torrential rains and floods in the state. For his part, police lieutenant colonel Yasser Pasha Ali, the committee's reporter, indicated that one of the committee's concerns is humanitarian work, monitoring all traces of torrential rains until the end of the autumn season, stressing that the convoy contains equipment for sheltering tarpaulins, tents and mosquito nets provided by the Zakat Bureau and the Ministry of Health. Police Lt. Col. explained that the convoy will be accompanied by a large number of members of the regular forces to deliver aid to hard-to-reach areas, adding that the committee has developed an integrated plan to confront the effects of torrential rains this year.

Oil prices today


Oil prices stabilized today, Wednesday, and came as follows:- Oman Oil $97.42 Murban Oil $98.74 Arab Light $108.21 Arab Heavy $91.58 Brent oil $97.85

Zakat supports those affected by torrential rains and floods in the Arabian Sea


   On August 23, 2022 AD, the Acting Secretary of Zakat, Maulana Yaqoub Ibrahim Fadl, visited the Bahr al-Arab locality, which was damaged by torrential rains. He was accompanied during the visit by the directors of advocacy, media and review, stressing the allocation of urgent support to the affected and providing them with foodstuffs and shelter equipment at an amount of six million pounds. The delegation listened to an explanation given by the director of Zakat in the locality, Ahmed El-Tijani, who confirmed that his office had put in place precautions before the fall, which led to reducing the size of the disaster, indicating that the number of people affected in the city reached 1,386, referring to the damage to the old and Nabaqa areas and the displacement of many citizens, explaining that the urgent intervention of the State Secretariat and an effort The office contributed to supporting those affected by shelter and food items. The director of local banks, Ali Adam, also explained that the shelter materials consisted of 300 linoleums, 50 bags of onions, 50 jerrycans of oil and large quantities of flour.

The youth of the Al-Habbabi unit participate in the cleaning of Al-Daeen Teaching Hospital in support of the initiative of Al-Daeen Beitna Hospital

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Al Daein Ahmed Al Zain Abu Yamamah


Today, Friday, the youth of Al-Jalabi Unit participated in the cleaning of Al Daein Teaching Hospital in support of the initiative of Al Daein Hospital, Our Home. What they have done for the cleanliness of the hospital, which focuses on its support through the youth initiative regarding hospital cleanliness in response to the initiative of Al Daein Hospital, Our Home and attention to hygiene and environmental health of Al Daein Hospital. In terms of hygiene, his administration has set new decisions and directives, including setting visiting dates for patients inside the hospital, and all this is in order to change the hospital environment in terms of hygiene and patient comfort, and to facilitate the process of providing services to them in a clean environment worthy of humanity. Appealing to stand with these new directives that do not apply Only with the help of the citizen himself For his part, Mahmoud thanked the youth of the Jalabi unit for the great initiative they took to clean Al Daein Teaching Hospital.

The youth of the Al-Jallabi Administrative Unit, on Friday morning initiative, seek to clean Al-Da’in Teaching Hospital in response to the initiative of Al-Da’in Beitna Hospital

Al Daein Ahmed Al Zain Abu Yamamah


The youth of the Al-Jallabi Administrative Unit seek to conduct a procession on Friday morning to clean Al Daein Teaching Hospital in response to the initiative of Al Daein Hospital under the slogan “Our Home” and in direct coordination with the Director General of Al Daein Teaching Hospital, Dr. The importance of dealing with the hospital and paying attention to the internal environment of the facilities, which appeals to the administration of El Daein Hospital from everyone to deal well and implement all the required instructions and decisions that contribute to the process of upgrading the environment of El Daein Hospital through the Baytna initiative On the other hand, Dr. Ali Mahmoud indicated that the family of the Al-Jalabi unit, in coordination with him, conducts a procession on Friday morning to clean the hospital in response to the initiative of our home and through it, Mahmoud appealed to all localities and administrative units to follow such initiatives that help change the hospital environment from environmental sanitation and hygiene and change behavior to Civilized behavior for the hospital, indicating to me in his hadith that there must be solidarity and hands with each other so that we all rise in El Daein Teaching Hospital so that the rest of the state hospitals can catch up

Closure of Petrol Terminal and the reservation of mechanisms in East Darfur.

Adila Adam Al-Radhi


The protestors closed the Al-Mazroub administrative unit of the Adela locality in East Darfur state. They closed the Tarrafiya field in the Adela locality and detained in the Al-Mazroub area a number of heavy vehicles belonging to Petro Energy, which works in the field of petroleum in the region. The closure and seizure of the vehicles came as an expression of the failure of Petro Energy and the Ministry of Energy and Oil to implement their obligations Towards the local community from health, water, education and employment services and treatment of environmental pollution resulting from oil within the social responsibility and preferential advantage of the oil-producing areas according to the Juba Peace Agreement To this, Major General Ahmed Taher Othman, the representative of the Minister of Interior, the Director of the General Administration for Securing Oil Facilities in Sudan, the head of the visiting delegation to the oil areas, acknowledged the right and legitimacy of the sit-in and protest in order to demand rights according to the peaceful means available, and that all local and international laws, charters and treaties recognize and recognize the right of the owners The areas of oil production in development, services and projects, and when addressing the protesters in the Mazroub area, in the presence of the East Darfur State Police Director, Major General Saleh Al Mubarak Police, the State Petroleum Coordinator, Eng. Mohi El-Din Suleiman, the Executive Director of Adila Locality, and the Petroleum Fields Security Committee, he stressed the need to address the weaknesses and imbalances that led to Shortening of job opportunities in implementing the matrix of projects that were agreed upon by the Quartet represented (Local Society, State Government, Ministry of Energy and Oil - Petro Energy Company) While the representative of the protesters revealed that the escalation comes three months after the agreement concluded in an initial matrix of projects, in which 5% had not been implemented, stressing that the sit-in was lifted after the demands of the matrix were fully implemented.