The conclusion of the pastoral therapeutic camp in Abu Karnka locality

Abu Karenka: Adam Radi Today, Saturday, August 14, the pastoral medical therapeutic camp was concluded in Abu Karenka locality, East Darfur, after it extended for a week. On the side of the eyes, more than 80 different eye operations were performed In addition to the side of veterinary services, which included the city of Abu Karenka, the administrative unit of Jadal Sayed and other areas, and services were provided to all livestock While a number of imams and supplications in religious lectures presented special value in the jurisprudence of zakat due to its importance to the citizens of the locality On the health insurance side, more than 500 families were included in the new entries to alleviate the suffering of citizens receiving treatment and reduce the cost On the side of the civil registry, more than 3,500 national numbers have been registered, which in turn contributes to receiving services from the Zakat programs, the Thimrat program and the insurance program. A number of ministries and institutions participated in the pastoral medical therapeutic camp No. 13 in Abu Karenka locality, which included the Ministries of Health, Social Development, Production and Economic Resources, the State Zakat Office and Health Insurance in East Darfur, the State Police represented by the Civil Registry and the Federal Ministries of Animal Wealth and Finance. This August, all services are provided free of charge.