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Banking discrepancy.. the price of the dollar in Sudan today, Thursday, September 1, 2022 AD, the currency rates against the Sudanese pound from the black market and banks

سعر الدولار

     Currency prices varied today, Thursday, as they stabilized at the parallel market traders, and the stability included some banks, while some banks declined, and some banks rose as well. The tour of the Sudan News website correspondent in the parallel markets showed the stability of dollar prices, as the average price of the dollar reached 578 pounds, the Saudi riyal price stabilized at 153 pounds, and the UAE dirham stabilized at 157 pounds. In addition, the dollar price at the Bank of Khartoum decreased by 575 pounds for transfers, and the cash price reached 573.56 pounds, while the dollar exchange rate at the Gulf Bank rose by 575 pounds for transfers, compared to 572.87 pounds for cash, and the price of the dollar at the Egyptian Sudanese Bank rose by 572 pounds.

New developments in the case of a member of the Association of Professionals

احمد الربيع

     The Public Prosecution referred the file of the defendant, Ahmed Rabie, the resigned director of Al-Moallem Hospital, from the Khartoum North Prosecution to the Anti-Corruption and Public Funds Prosecution for specific jurisdiction. On the eighth of this August, the North Khartoum Prosecution issued an order to summon the Leader of Freedom and Change, Director General of Al-Moallem Hospital, Ahmed Rabie, against the background of his refusal to hand over Al-Moallem Hospital to the new steering committee. Rabie, the man, had submitted his resignation earlier, along with two of his aides, and the resignation was accepted, but he has refrained from handing over the hospital so far, forcing the new administration to take legal measures against him.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons the Ethiopian ambassador in Khartoum



     On Tuesday, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Sudan, Yeptal Amiru. The Director-General of African Affairs at the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Fadl Abdullah Fadl, told the Ethiopian ambassador in Khartoum that the ministry denounced the statements he made to the media, in which he mentioned that the Ethiopian forces had shot down a plane loaded with weapons for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front forces that had violated the Ethiopian airspace through Sudan. Ambassador Fadl Abdullah Fadl explained to the Ethiopian ambassador that making these unfounded allegations violates the usual diplomatic traditions in communicating with the official authorities in the country of representation, especially as the leadership in the two countries seeks to strengthen relations between them.



Seizing a criminal network specialized in counterfeiting local and foreign currencies



A specialized field team from the Department of Criminal Investigations and Investigations in South Darfur managed to seize a criminal network specialized in counterfeiting local and foreign currencies. Returning to the details of the seizure, according to the follow-up of the police press office about the availability of information to the administration stating that there is a person who engages in a criminal activity related to counterfeiting currencies of various types within the city of Nyala and its various localities. The field team succeeded in accurately determining the identity of the suspect and the location in which he conducts his criminal activity, and through a tight ambush that resulted in the arrest of the accused (A, A, T) in his possession of 6 counterfeit currency notes of 500 Sudanese pounds at the entrance to the city of El Daein and when he was subject to investigation Guidance on behalf of the accused (A, A, S), who is his partner in the criminal activity of counterfeiting currency. Accordingly, the team moved to the house of the accused (P) in the Bilil area in Camp Center Zero and was arrested in possession of 38 Chadian Franc notes of the 1,000 francs denomination, and 8 notes Of the 500-pound denomination, in addition to 2 banknotes of the 200-pound denomination of counterfeit Sudanese currency, and 1 Clash safe that required 5 bullets, and legal measures were taken against them with the numbers (3083 and 3084) under Articles 117 C (26/42/) Lhaa and Zkhaira in the Central Police Department in preparation for bringing them to trial.

Complaints about running out of cash at some exchanges in Khartoum

السودان اليوم

   A field tour by (Al-Sudani) revealed a number of ATMs in central Khartoum, some of which were devoid of liquidity. During the tour, Al-Sudani met with some bank employees, who confirmed that there are banks that are interested in feeding their ATMs on a daily basis, while others have not fed them for a while, which caused a crowding of working ATMs. An employee of the National Labor Bank said in his interview with (Al-Sudani) that the teller is fed on a daily basis, and he pointed out that feeding the ATMs takes place from inside the bank due to a malfunction in the external teller of the bank, and he said that there is a case of large amounts of cash withdrawals by citizens. He indicated that the ceiling The withdrawal is still stable at (5) thousand pounds An employee at Omdurman National Bank, Al-Qasr Street, confirmed the bank’s interest in the daily feeding of ATMs without stopping, stressing the increase and intensity of withdrawals by citizens daily and early in the day, which leads to the rapid depletion of liquidity. The family obligations, with the approach of the school year, prompted families to speed up the withdrawals on a daily basis, denying the occurrence of a lack of liquidity at the ATMs, pointing out that the ceiling set for withdrawals from the teller has become useless for most customers compared to the rise in most prices in the market, so the withdrawal rates from within the bank increased for any amount . In the same context, a client of the Bank of Khartoum Abdo Al-Sayed said that there are ATMs that do not have liquidity, and this process was repeated for more than one teller, and at any time I go to withdraw and the ATM card comes out to no avail. He said that the process of withdrawing inside the bank is impossible and its procedures are many, and the withdrawal of the teller is not sufficient for obligations, especially in light of the current economic conditions, and we demand the Central Bank to raise the withdrawal ceiling for ATMs so that it is in line with the living situation, and pointed out that the daily withdrawal process is cumbersome, especially if the teller is in remote areas. An employee at the Farmer’s Commercial Bank said that the feeding process is carried out according to the liquidity in the bank on a daily basis, but the withdrawals are high and daily, so there are some ATMs suffering from overcrowding.

A judicial request to lift the immunity of a member of the Sovereignty Council


    Sudanese media sources revealed that a request had been submitted to the Attorney General to lift the immunity of a member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Yasser Al-Atta. According to the Sudanese newspaper, “The Next Day,” a request was submitted to the Attorney General to lift the immunity of a member of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Yasser Al-Atta; Against the background of his allocation of recovered vehicles by the Empowerment Removal Committee, which he chaired for “Ghat”.” According to the law, it was assumed that the vehicles should not be disposed of and handed over to the Ministry of Finance, and according to the rationale, the documents bear the signature of the director of the Atta office, and the allocation of the vehicles was issued under his direction. The Day After learned that the competent authorities submitted a request to the Public Prosecutor on July 22 to lift the immunity of Yasser Al-Atta, but the Public Prosecutor did not respond to the Public Prosecution's request, despite the passage of about two months. The newspaper confirmed, “The general review teams have completed reviewing 10 files of the dissolved empowerment committee, and reports have been submitted on them, and these reports are expected to be included in the communication to be transferred to the court, but it is still locked up, waiting for the communication to return from the Attorney General after the procedures for lifting immunity are completed.”