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The ICC Prosecutor praises the government's cooperation on Darfur

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The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, said that he found great cooperation from the Sudanese authorities on the Darfur issue, praising the officials' cooperation and facilitation of the mission of the ICC delegation. The Public Prosecutor indicated in a press conference at Al-Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum today, that he met the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, at the end of his program in Sudan, indicating that he had received strong promises from Al-Burhan regarding cooperation with the court. He described the meeting with Al-Burhan as fruitful, and that he had found assurances and assurances from the government that it would respond to all the court's requests, noting Al-Burhan's commitment to a large extent on the issue of justice in Darfur. Karim Khan said that there are some technical deficiencies and obstacles facing the work of the court, and that the cooperation he found with the Sudanese authorities is enough to address this.The Prosecutor referred to the briefing he gave to the Security Council yesterday from Khartoum, noting that he referred in the briefing to the cooperation of the Sudanese government, expressing his gratitude for the facilitation he found by the government authorities. He noted that there has been a decline in cooperation during the past months, attributing this to a number of obstacles, noting that he requested facilities to open an office in Sudan for further cooperation, indicating that it was necessary for the court to have a field presence in Sudan. Karim Khan said that he visited the displacement camps in Darfur over the past few days, and that there is a lot that needs to be done for the cause of justice for the people of Darfur. He added that the people of Darfur live a miserable life, saying, "We must not abandon the people of Darfur and stand with them and implement the legal obligations so that we can go a long way forward and so that the victims are not neglected." He pointed out that his office had submitted requests to meet al-Bashir and that the office had not yet received a response to the request. "We would like to participate in the investigations that are being conducted by the authorities with the accused," he said. He said that the situation now with regard to the task of the International Criminal Court is better than the situation during Al-Bashir's rule. In response to press questions, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said, "We have specific jurisdiction and are not looking into new cases." (SUNA) notes that the delegation of the International Criminal Court headed by the Prosecutor began last Sunday a visit to Sudan, during which it met with a number of officials in the Transitional Sovereignty Council and ministries, and conducted a field visit to Darfur and held meetings there with officials and citizens in displacement camps.

Bataa Charity Association distributes (500) children's dresses within the initiative of winter cup for the needy in the city of Da'in

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The Bataa charity association in East Darfur distributed the initiative of the winter clothing project for the needy under the slogan "Let's have one body for children in Al-Da'een". The project included children's wear, sweatshirts, gilabas, Al-Madinah, Khayyam Omar, Al-Nasim, Al-Muhajer, Arabs and Solidarity. This charitable work aims to provide a helping hand to the vulnerable sectors and to thank all the good people for their support of such projects. My good work and pointed out that the Assembly will continue to provide support to all those in need.

Director of Statistics Department in East Darfur meets with UNAMID

Al-Da'een: Al-Fateh Adam.
Professor Aboud Mohammed Salem, Director of the Statistics Authority in the State, met with the Head of the Civil Department, Messner An Maria, where the meeting discussed the joint cooperation between the Agency and the UN Mission in the areas of training and technical support for the census and national number and logistic assistance. To achieve community goals.

UN calls on southern refugees to respect Sudanese laws

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Girandi, announced Tuesday that the United Nations will continue its support for southern refugee projects at Camp Tiger in the state of East Darfur. He called on the southern villagers to respect local laws and to cooperate with the local community, which does not belong to them.

The Khartoum airport arrived on Tuesday, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Garandi, heading a delegation from Geneva on a visit to the country during which he will discuss the situation of refugees in Sudan.

The governor of eastern Darfur, Anas Omar Mohamed, received the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Felipe Grande.

The international refugee said he visited southern Sudan last week, promising to discuss with the conflicting parties how to stop the war in southern Sudan.

 For his part, the governor of East Darfur, Anas Omar, that his mandate opened its doors to refugees, based on the presidential decision.

 The State Government was making determined efforts through its various institutions to overcome the difficulties facing the refugees, urging them not to lose hope of returning home.

Establishment of health centers in the transit areas of southern Sudanese refugees

(110) thousand refugees in the east of eastern Darfur, the government has directed the state of East Darfur to establish health centers in the transit areas of southern refugees, who exceeded the number of (110) thousand refugees according to recent statistics. Ibrahim Musa, the humanitarian aid commissioner in the state, said the two areas of Paradise and the Arabian Sea were set up to set up health centers at different distances where the southern refugees were crossing


Proposal for the establishment of additional centers to house southerners in East Darfur

The Humanitarian Aid Commission in the State of East Darfur revealed a proposal to open three centers to receive refugees from the State of Southern Sudan in the Arab Sea and Paradise. Ibrahim Musa Ali, Commissioner of Humanitarian Aid in the State of East Darfur, told (the next day) (70%) of the refugees from the State of Southern Sudan in the state of East Darfur, outside the coverage of humanitarian organizations, and that they are in the state of South Darfur, They depend on the mind "He added:" The existing humanitarian organizations focus on the camps of Creo and the tiger and the local center of Paradise in the aspects of food, health and water, "pointing to the improvement of the health situation in Camp Creo and the recovery of about 27 refugees were With watery diarrhea.